Mural and Pet Portrait

I’ve been asked to design and possibly paint and mural for a restaurant in my town. I’ve never done something so large, but I’ve got a good plan and think it’s going to turn out amazing if they decide to let me do it. I hope I get to have this experience!

Macado’s wanted some of the highlights of Farmville to be the main focus of the mural’s design. I decided on the following buildings- Longwood’s Rotunda, the Farmville Train Station, the hospital, firestation, and the entrance to Hampden- Sydney. I also included an old fashioned train pulling into the train station, the Highbridge trail in the background and a view of Main Street, all the way to the right of the mural.

IMG_0614 IMGP3191 IMGP3193 IMGP3195 IMGP3197 775240_10151182288961836_1811457837_o

I’ll be including the names of the locations on the signs in frontĀ  of the buildings/landmarks. Also- in case you couldn’t tell, the black boxes are the windows in the side of the building. The whole mural is probably somewhere around 12′ high by 30′ long. I really hope I get to do it!!

I’ve also been working on this new pet portrait for a friend. The subject is his best friend’s dog who passed away recently. I love memorial portraits, although they are mournful, I think they are so sweet.

IMGP3206 IMGP3205

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2 thoughts on “Mural and Pet Portrait

  1. tmvikholt says:

    Wow, that mural would be awesome! I love how you incorporated the different buildings :)

  2. Love the doggies. :)

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