Mural and Pet Portrait

I’ve been asked to design and possibly paint and mural for a restaurant in my town. I’ve never done something so large, but I’ve got a good plan and think it’s going to turn out amazing if they decide to let me do it. I hope I get to have this experience!

Macado’s wanted some of the highlights of Farmville to be the main focus of the mural’s design. I decided on the following buildings- Longwood’s Rotunda, the Farmville Train Station, the hospital, firestation, and the entrance to Hampden- Sydney. I also included an old fashioned train pulling into the train station, the Highbridge trail in the background and a view of Main Street, all the way to the right of the mural.

IMG_0614 IMGP3191 IMGP3193 IMGP3195 IMGP3197 775240_10151182288961836_1811457837_o

I’ll be including the names of the locations on the signs in frontĀ  of the buildings/landmarks. Also- in case you couldn’t tell, the black boxes are the windows in the side of the building. The whole mural is probably somewhere around 12′ high by 30′ long. I really hope I get to do it!!

I’ve also been working on this new pet portrait for a friend. The subject is his best friend’s dog who passed away recently. I love memorial portraits, although they are mournful, I think they are so sweet.

IMGP3206 IMGP3205

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A Few Christmas Commissions

Hi again! Its been a few weeks because I’ve been busy working on a few secret holiday portraits. A big Thank You to everyone who ordered a portrait this season! I enjoyed working on every one of them and hope they bring you all joy in this new year. More to come!ImageImageImageImage

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Splatter Cats (and Dog…)


This last one is slightly unfinished. These were fun to do with my left over scraps of watercolor paper. My cats were my models and the dog, well, he just happened.

I’m working on a lot of Christmas commissions, so I can’t update my blog with photos of those seeing as they are gifts. As soon as Christmas is over though I’ll have a mother of a post.

Back to work! I’ve got about 10 to finish before the 16th of December.

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Monochromatic Doodlings


I’ve been looking at some artists who work very simply and it inspired some little doodling of my own. I have a couple of dogs that I did as well, but I’m not quite done with those. This is just a little tea pot with enjoying tea with some stuffed toys and lace accents :)


Off to work on my Christmas commissions! Thanks for the business, everyone. Don’t forget to visit my Etsy store for any portrait/prints you might need for the holidays!

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New Photos

I finally gave up on my card reader returning and went to Best Buy. Here, finally, are some new, quality photos of some of my latest pieces!ImageImageImageImageImage


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New York Street Musician

I found this photo in a friends Fb album and quickly nabbed it to paint later.

I recently discovered it again and started this piece.

I’m in love with all of the reflections. I’ve been adding more and more layers and its starting to take shape.

Its a pretty large piece, for me, measuring in at 14″x20″. This one might take me a while.

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